Pre-K Superstars!

Our Pre-Kindergarten class builds on the skills gained through the terrific Tiny Stars curriculum. We focus on using our FIVE SENSES when discussing any of our theme based topics incorporating science, math, language, social studies and computers. The children also learn Spanish vocabulary, Sign Language and dance instruction.

We make a strong effort to encourage all children to be courteous and use manners, have respect for themselves and others, and express their emotions as we help families prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. We especially strive to make a difference by giving the children the opportunity to:

Feel special and loved - Each child will be given lots of encouragement and praise throughout our day focusing on the positive achievements made to build self-esteem in the children. Our playful curriculum allows the children to build relationships with their teachers as well as their peers. Strong life-long friendships have been formed at ALL-STARS as we encourage silliness, socializing, and lots of conversation.

Develop small motor skills - Using scissors, crayons, markers, colored pencils and paint brushes every day helps strengthen small motor skills in children while allowing them to be creative at the same time. Who knew mastering a skill can be so much fun!

Develop gross motor skills - Beginning our day with the Morning Stretch and the Weekly Rap helps the children turn their brains on as they move their bodies to fun music. Jumping, stretching, bending, and twisting motions help young children gain a better sense of control of their little bodies and helps keep them healthy and energized. Bringing our curriculum outdoors gives the children a chance to explore the 10 acres of rolling countryside where there is room to run and play, take in the fresh air, and utilize our brand new play equipment to strengthen their muscles and gain coordination.

Develop Literacy Skills - The children love story time at ALL-STARS! To develop literacy skills we begin with letter recognition, phonetic letter sounds, picture walks and story-telling, books on tape and rhyming activities. The children then begin to put words together and list them on our word wall. We play word building games daily to reinforce their new pre-reading skills as well. Our writing activities include writing in the sand, shaving cream and finger paints. The children also trace letters using pencils, markers and crayons.

Be Creative - Open-ended and/or goal-oriented crafts are planned each day to go along with our theme-based curriculum. Many different art materials are offered during craft time to give the children the freedom of choosing when engaging in open-ended art, focusing on the process not the product. As the children grow, they also like to see a finished product which gives them that feeling of accomplishment as we creatively guide them through step-by-step art. We love to see what they can create as their creativity blossoms!

Cooperate and share - “I have a good friend!” is a cooperation game that encourages sharing. Everyone sings the “I have a good friend” song as they pass (share) the ball from one friend to another. We like to make cooperating fun by playing games and having the children engage in other group activities that involve taking turns and being kind to one another.


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