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Meals and Snacks: All meals and snacks will be provided by ALL-STARS and will be of nutritional value.  When planning our menus for the children, we follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans developed by the USDA and DHHS.  The children will eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and home-made meals to get the energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber they need for good health. Meals included in tuition are as follows:  Breakfast, two snacks, and lunch.  A wholesome evening snack will be served to those in attendance at 5:15 p.m. Lunch will consist of proteins, breads, vegetables and/or fruits, and 2%, whole milk or organic soy milk. Snacks consist of a healthy combination of two of the above components. A weekly menu will be posted near the entrance of each classroom and here on our website!

Sample Menu

Special Meals:  If your child has allergies or needs special meals for any reason, please let us know ahead of time in writing so we can make the necessary accommodations.  You are welcome to provide the meals and snacks for your child if you feel more comfortable in doing so.  Just send in a lunch box with everything your child will need for the day.  Written and verbal directions will be given to all staff and volunteers so that everyone is aware of the children’s allergies and/or special diets.    

Snack Days:  Each month or so, your child may be chosen to bring a snack on their special day!  Please bring a healthy snack for 20 for your child to serve. It is not necessary to bring drinks, napkins, cups etc.  Participation will reinforce the positive behaviors of sharing, being a big helper, and nutritional awareness.  Please bring a package of baby wipes on snack days – we use them for little hands and faces in addition to regular hand washing. 

Healthy Snack Ideas

Birthdays: We will be celebrating your child’s birthday at ALL-STARS by singing the birthday song and giving them a special crown.  Feel free to send in a healthy treat for 25 friends on their special day.  

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